Sunday, December 6, 2009

Delicious Today: Tips from Public Broadcasters

1. Interviewing Tips from 25 Public Radio Hosts
Advice from some of public radio's best-known hosts (Bob Edwards, Robert Siegel, Susan Stamberg), as well as its most experienced music producers (David Brown, John Diliberto, Marco Werman and Brian Newhouse, among others).

2. Social Media Trends of 2009, by NPR's Andy Carvin
4 trends:
  1. Ascension of facebook
  2. iPhone and the App Store, including a few apps such as foursquare, Kaboom, and the Extraordinaries which integrate geolocation awareness with nightlife, playground mapping or two-minute volunteer opportunities
  3. social gaming
  4. data portability
Keeping track of technological trends can be an overwhelming task. But the burden won't be so heavy if more public broadcasters are like Andy Carvin who share their research and experience with colleagues. Andy mentioned Public Media Camp held recently in Washington, D.C. which I attended as well. With hundreds of people gathering together, who have diverse experience but same passion about public media, the camp is a great facilitator of sharing ideas and best practices. But a physical camp is expensive and time consuming to organize and attend. I hope there is a permanent virtual "camp" on the Internet where we can find Andy's presentation and other practical guide. In other words, the virtual camp can serve as a knowledge depository for all public broadcasters.

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