Sunday, December 13, 2009

Delicious Today: All about Audience

1. Public Eager For Mobile TV
"Nearly half of U.S. consumers are ready to watch live broadcast TV via a mobile device, according to a survey."
Two events in the past few days make me really want mobile TV, i.e. live television broadcast on cell phone. The first is the huge snowball fight in the UW-Madison campus here among 950 students during the blizzard that gave me and my fellow students the first snow day in 19 years. I wish I had known it while it was happening so that I could join the fight or at least forward the video to my friends and family. Mobile TV would be a perfect solution in that case. The second event is the long and brutal wait for bus on the morning after the blizzard. My toes were freezing in the below-zero temperature but the bus, half an hour behind schedule, was nowhere to be seen. For the first time in my life I thought seriously that I was going to lose my toes. How I wish I had a way to know the traffic status right there at real time.

Asia is the leader of mobile TV service. South Korea launched the service in 2005, and Japan in 2006. The two countries claim 80% of the mobile TV viewers in the world.

2. It's Time to Focus on "Tune-In"
"Arbitron has determined that more breaks per hour turn listeners away, and you're best off engineering two stops per hour, straddled across two adjacent quarter-hours."

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