Friday, September 4, 2009

Delicious Today: media habits, audience

#1: Friends, not editors, shape internet habits
"Just a year ago, the customer service executive for DirecTV in Los Angeles began his day by looking at the home page of the Yahoo website, surfing links to the big news stories selected by the site’s editors. But today Mr Miller begins his day on Twitter and Facebook – primarily social networking sites – where he reads stories and watches videos suggested by his friends and connections. Mr Miller’s changing habits are representative of a broad shift occurring among internet users. "
This media habit change happens to me as well. A quarter of my media diet comes from Twitter nowadays. As the web producer for the Here on Earth show at Wisconsin Public Radio, I also noticed that more and more people send us questions and comments during the show not by calling but by responding to our Twitter messages. As the audience pick up the habit of using their social networks to filter news and interact with media organizations, public broadcasters need to be more active in social media sites and worry less about attracting audience to a station website. The important thing is to meet the crowd, not where the meeting takes place.

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