Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Delicious Today: audience, video

#1: Three Screen Report: Media Consumption and Multi-tasking Continue to Increase Across TV, Internet, and Mobile
"The number of people watching mobile video increased 70% from last year and people who watch video online increased their viewing by 46%. ... Although we have seen the computer and mobile phone screens taking on a significant role, their emergence has not been at the cost of TV viewership."
With video becoming more available and popular with audience, public broadcasters need to think seriously if it's time to start merging the web operation (if not organizational operation) of their radio and TV services. That way, they can not only provide better and richer multimedia services but also cut down operation and promotion cost. To most audience, public radio and TV are "the same." When I tell people I work for a public radio station, they often talk back to me about some public television shows they love. Some stations such as KQED in California have already merged their radio and TV online service into one integrated web site. That makes a lot of sense for the audience.

#2: Pew Report: The Internet and Civic Engagement
"Political and civic involvement have long been dominated by those with high levels of income and education, leading some advocates to hope that internet-based engagement might alter this pattern. However, a new report by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project shows that the internet is not changing the fundamental socio-economic character of civic engagement in America. ... Still, there are hints that the new forms of civic engagement anchored in blogs and social networking sites could alter long-standing patterns."

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