Friday, December 10, 2010

Profile of iPad Users

NPR iPad app
The full results of 2010 National iPad News Survey are out. Conducted by the Reynolds Journalism Institute between September and November, the 20-question online survey had 1,609 respondents from U.S. (92%) and 49 other countries. A follow-up panel survey is planned for March, June and September. The main findings are:
  • iPad users are predominantly well-educated, affluent men between 35 and 64 who purchased the device within the first two months of its release.
  • The overall satisfaction and time spent with the iPad are very high.
  • Keeping up with news and current events is the most popular use.
  • iPad news consumers prefer newspaper applications to newspaper websites and are less likely to use print publications.
  • Positive iPad reading experience is influenced by age and traditional media habits.
  • Low prices and ease of use are key factors in users’ decisions to purchase newspaper subscriptions on the iPad.
A similar survey was conducted by AP in July and August via links on AP, BBC and NPR iPad applications. It found that
  • iPad users predominantly consumed news at home
  • iPad users preferred reading long-form text stories on the iPad

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