Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Delicious Today: tools, free and easy tools

There are tons of free and good tools online to help public broadcasters (and others) accomplish essential online media tasks such as creating and posting image, audio and video files, having audience share content with one another, and so on. Below are some of the free and easy tools that I have accumulated so far. Please add yours to the list and together we can build an impressive online tool kit for public media.

#0: CMS (Content Management System)
#1: Screen capture as image, video or narrated slide show
These tools record your action on computer screen (whole or part of the screen) and narration. So they're perfect for creating demo video, narrated slide shows, and illustrated stories.
  • Screenr: can send screen capture video to mobile, too
  • ScreenToaster: can add subtitle and capture webcam images
  • Jing: can't record webcam
#2: Sharing and collaboration
#3: Image, audio and video editor
#4: Web traffic measurement
#5: Website design
#6: Data mining and visualization
#7: Other useful functions
  • TagCrowd: creates your own tag cloud from any text
  • Wordle: generates word cloud like an art
  • Qualtrics: online survey software
  • CutePDF: creates PDF from any file that you can print
  • Widgetbox: self-service web widget platform
  • Monitter: Twitter conversation monitor

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