Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weeping for a Politician

I’m so proud of America tonight. I couldn’t help weeping a bit while listening to Obama’s speech after his extraordinary win of the election a moment ago. This is the second time that I have ever shed tears for a politician. The first time was for Zhou Enlai, former premier of China, when he died in 1976. I remember that it was on a cold January morning, I woke up to find my mother weeping silently while the radio in the house was broadcasting that he had died that day. I was five then, didn’t understand what had happened but was so shocked to see my mother cry that I broke down in tears as well. Only later on did I learn that Premier Zhou was extremely popular among Chinese and his death during the Cultural Revolution made people feel that they had lost the only person they could count on to stop the insane political turmoil at the time.

Tonight I had tears again for a politician. Obama reminds me of Washington and FDR who showed up in history when this country was in crisis. I feel lucky for America who once again has an extraordinary leader at a time of crisis. Obama reminds me of Lincoln and King who gave their lives to end racial discrimination in this country. I feel proud of Americans who today choose Obama and show to the world that past mistakes, no matter how immense and deep-rooted they are, can be corrected if the people have the will and work together. This is the America that I have admired and come here for -- a land of hope. What a privilege for me to witness this historical moment. I still can’t vote this year, but will next time. And I may weep again.

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